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Chase Traffic Doors | Eliason Traffic Doors

Star Equipment, Inc. offers a variety of traffic doors from Chase Industries and Eliason Corporation, two of the finest and most recognized manufacturers in the market today. No matter what your application, we will create the perfect traffic door solution for your needs.

Traffic doors are intended to separate and control different environments inside a facility. They’re ideal for dividing a backroom or warehouse area from retail space, keeping manufacturing separate from storage, and other similar functions. These swinging double doors offer fast, easy, back-and-forth access for personnel, carts, etc., and are available in a wide range of sizes, to meet your requirements.

Star Equipment, Inc. sells, installs, and services traffic doors for all industrial or commercial applications. Our traffic doors are fully customizable to meet your unique specifications. A number of different options and setups are available.

Traffic doors with durable bumpers on their bases are available to withstand heavy impact from forklifts and other heavier equipment. See our impact doors page for these products.

We also supply screen doors and bug/pest control doors from Rasco Industries. These specially designed exterior doors allow air flow into your building, while keeping bugs, rodents, and unauthorized persons from entering. Star Equipment, Inc. installs and services these doors as well, to keep your employees and facility cool, comfortable, and pest free.

Contact Star Equipment, Inc. today for more information, or request a quote on traffic doors for your building.