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Parking Garage Doors

Rytec's Spiral® parking garage doors are used heavily in parking structures throughout the country. These doors open at speeds up to 60 inches per second, making them ideal for high traffic situations. Their fast open and close times also minimize mass airflow into and out of your parking facility, keeping out cold winter air and hot summer temperatures.

Spiral® doors from Rytec provide safety and security for your parking structure. Their rigid aluminum construction and locking system offer solid protection against unauthorized entry and eliminate the need for additional overnight security doors.

Star Equipment is an exclusive distributor of Rytec Spiral® parking garage doors. Rytec is well-known throughout the industry for their innovative products and superior performance.

Rytec parking garage doors also deliver a tight, energy efficient seal, thanks to built-in rubber membranes which cover the doors' aluminum connecting hinges. This helps keep dust, dirt, and other contaminants out, and further prevents unwanted airflow.

Star Equipment sells, installs, and services Rytec Spiral® parking garage doors. These doors are customizable to meet the exact needs of your structure. We will work with you to create the perfect solution to your parking garage door requirements.

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