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Industries Served for Warehouse Equipment, Loading Dock Services & Commercial Door Solutions

Star Equipment, Inc. has over three decades of experience providing loading dock equipment, commercial door solutions, warehouse equipment, and material handling equipment for companies in a wide variety of industries.

Whether your company is in the food and dairy industry, contracting and architecture, industrial manufacturing or property management, Star Equipment, Inc. has a solution for nearly every problem.

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Food & Dairy Industry

The applications relating to the dairy and food industry are the most challenging that loading dock services companies regularly face. This market is closely regulated by a variety of both governmental and non-governmental agencies, such as:

  • USDA , United States Department of Agriculture
  • FSIS, Food Safety & Inspection Service (enforcement arm of USDA)
  • FDA, Food & Drug Administration (District, State & Local)
  • AIB, American Institute of Baking
  • CDC, Center for Disease Control
  • State Department of Agriculture
  • OSHA, Occupational Safety & Health Agency

As food industry, beverage industry and dairy industry specialists, we have successfully applied our products and services to solve the problems associated with compliance and audits. The primary problem at loading docks and doors are light gaps and light infiltration. At Star Equipment we can provide advanced loading dock equipment solutions and loading dock services that can effectively seal up dock levelers and doors.

New food, beverage and dairy facilities, as well as ones considering a remodel, might prefer a Vertical Storing Leveler, or VSL. This loading dock leveler stores completely behind the loading dock door so the insulated door closes on the pit floor, eliminating light gaps. Our diverse offering of high speed doors, including wash-down and stainless steel models, are very popular within the food and dairy industry.

Contract & Architectural Design Industries

If you are a general contractor, or architect who truly wants the end user to be outfitted with the best loading dock services, commercial door solutions and material handling equipment available for your application and budget, we would love to work with you. Star Equipment can help in many ways including loading dock design, equipment application and maximizing your ROI.

For a better understanding of our services and company philosophy, we will come to you and present a “Loading Dock Solutions” Lunch and Learn presentation. This presentation will inform you on the commercial construction benefits of advanced warehouse equipment and loading dock services. Please contact us today for an informative presentation, arming you with the best information to present to your end-user client.

For those within the architectural design industry, we provide a “Loading Dock Solutions” presentation that is AIA accredited, which provides you with information to optimize the loading dock position on your next project. From apron space to superior loading dock equipment design, we welcome the opportunity to make this section of your project easy and hassle-free. 

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For over 25 years, Star Equipment has been the leader in loading dock and overhead door solutions for the food and dairy industries and for architectural design and commercial construction services. Contact us today for your loading dock equipment, loading dock services, and loading dock door needs.