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Eliason Impact Doors | Chase Impact Doors

Star Equipment, Inc. is a leading distributor of impact doors manufactured by Chase Industries and Eliason. These two companies produce some of the best, most reliable doors in the industry.

Impact doors are meant to separate different environments or divisions within the same building. They’re often used to keep manufacturing areas separate from warehousing space, partition stockrooms from retail areas, etc. Their swinging, double door set up allows for quick access to both spaces, and make transporting products, equipment, and other items between the two areas easy.

Our impact doors are similar to our traffic doors, but with the added advantage of having heavy duty rubber bumpers installed at the bottom of the front and back surfaces. This makes it possible to push the doors open with carts, pallet jacks, even forklifts, without damaging the doors. This feature makes transportation of goods throughout your facility faster and more efficient.

Star Equipment, Inc. sells, installs, and services impact doors for any application. The superior quality Chase and Eliason doors we sell and service are completely customizable to match your exact requirements. Multiple sizes, options, and setup configurations are available, making it easy for us to provide you with the ideal impact doors for your needs.

Contact Star Equipment, Inc. to learn more, or request a quote on impact doors for your facility.