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It’s in a company’s best interest to save on energy costs in any way possible. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) one of the greatest sources of energy loss for heated or refrigerated warehouse spaces is air infiltration through gaps around loading dock doors during loading and unloading operations. Regularly checking and repairing gaps in seals is a quick energy saver.

Since warehouses and loading docks have numerous areas where heat and cool air can escape, they are continuously susceptible to energy loss. As a solution, energy efficient dock seals, Energy Guards, and dock blankets can provide improved gap sealing services. These energy saving products provide significant cost savings, while helping to promote a greener environment.

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Dock Fans & HVLS Warehouse Fans 

If your warehouse space is air-conditioned, HVLS fans save energy by improving air circulation, allowing the temperature setting to be lowered by as much as 4.5 F. If the space is not air-conditioned, using HVLS fans can improve employee comfort, morale, and productivity. Several case studies have shown that the air circulation is better and energy efficiency is greater with HVLS fans compared to smaller higher-velocity fans.

Can your HVLS fan run in reverse in the winter? HVLS fans also reduce heating costs in winter by recirculating the higher-temperature air that tends to stagnate near the ceilings of warehouses. Ask us about the energy savings an HVLS fan can bring to your warehouse.

High Efficiency Dock Seals

One of the greatest sources of energy loss for heated or refrigerated warehouse spaces is air leakage through the unfilled gaps of a warehouse. To provide immediate green warehouse solutions it is important to install energy efficient dock seals around warehouse dock doors. Star Equipment can provide dock seals that will help to sustain the warm air in the winter and the cool air in the summer, while decreasing your energy bills.

Energy Guards

The Energy Guard dock leveler seal is the most effective way to prevent energy loss at your loading dock. This superior perimeter dock leveler seal also blocks dirt, debris, and pests. Its design is simple and effective, with no parts installed under the dock leveler or on the pit floor. Energy Guard can be factory installed on new equipment or installed in the field to enhance your existing equipment.

Energy Efficient Dock Blankets

Loading dock blankets provide 100% gap coverage to the gaps within loading bay areas, which prevents air penetration from entering or exiting the premises. Dock blankets attach to the back of loading dock doors so when the loading bay is not in use it can be easily placed over the exposed areas.

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