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Loading Dock Fire Doors

Interior, roll-up fire doors are designed to contain fires by preventing them from spreading to other areas. These coiling style fire doors are available with a number of fuse link options and different burn ratings. A chemical plant may require fire doors with higher burn ratings than a retail building, for example. We will work with you to determine the ideal fire door for your needs.

Safety is of utmost importance in any fire situation. Star Equipment's fire doors will help protect your employees and your facility. 

Star Equipment supplies fire doors for all applications. We supply fire doors of all different ratings to meet the requirements of your building. All of our fire doors are customizable, ensuring that you get the perfect fit and function.

We also offer annual testing for the fire doors we sell and service. We perform fuse link certification and drop testing to guarantee proper operation in emergency situations. Should your fire doors fail a test, we offer repair services to get them back to proper specs.

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Star Equipment sells, installs, and services fire doors for loading docks and other industrial applications. Contact us or request a quote for a complete fire door solution for your facility.