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Loading Dock Seals & Loading Dock Shelters

Dock seals and truck shelters are important for employee comfort, workplace safety, energy conservation, and offer protection from the elements for both your loading dock and the products being loaded or unloaded.

Unsealed loading dock doors cause mass airflow in and out of your building. This may let cold air into a heated facility or hot and humid air into a refrigerated or air-conditioned facility. These rapid, unwanted temperature exchanges can be very uncomfortable for employees and will force your climate control systems to work overtime.

An unsealed dock can also allow snow or rain into your facility and create condensation. This can cause slip and fall accidents, equipment skids, and can negatively affect the quality of your products. Star Equipment, Inc.'s dock seals will help keep your building at optimum conditions.

Dock seals and dock shelters are designed to maintain environmental conditions inside your facility while a truck is stationed at the loading dock.

Star Equipment provides dock shelters for both truck trailer and railcar deliveries. Our dock seals are available in all sizes to meet the requirements of your facility's loading dock entry.

We are exclusive representatives of the Kelley and Serco lines of dock seals and dock shelters. We supply the full product line from both manufacturers. Because every loading dock is different, each truck seal we sell is custom built to meet the specific applications of our customers.

Our dock shelters are available in a range of materials, to give you increased durability and long-lasting performance based on how often your loading dock is used.

If you process only a handful of deliveries or shipments per week, less expensive materials will be sufficient for many years of reliable use.

However, if your facility processes multiple daily deliveries and shipments, more expensive materials are a wiser investment, as they will stand up to frequent, repeated use for much longer. We also offer galvanized steel framing, which delivers greatly improved longevity over standard wood framing.

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Star Equipment offers complete installation, repair, and preventative maintenance services for all of our dock seals and dock shelters.

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