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Complimentary Loading Dock Safety Evaluations

Star Equipment, Inc. offers a number of valuable complimentary services to enable you to make educated decisions to determine the equipment that best fits your operation and application.

We are committed to making our customers' operations safer, more efficient, and more productive while reducing the lifetime cost of ownership. Our complimentary services are designed to help us serve you better.

Safety is a primary concern in any production facility, warehouse, or manufacturing plant. Star Equipment offers safety evaluations to reduce the chances of costly accidents. Whether truck restraints, wheel chocks, signage, or other safety equipment is needed, we'll help you create a safe loading dock work environment.

We offer loading dock and total building evaluations to test for air loss and leakage. This will help you make your facility more energy efficient by reducing your heating and cooling costs.

For our customers who utilize Star Equipment's maintenance contracts, we'll keep track of all the necessary records of your equipment maintenance. We'll retain detailed information on your equipment models, serial numbers, warranty information, and more. In the event of an OSHA visit or similar occurrence, all the information you need regarding equipment maintenance will be up to date and readily available.

Many of the energy efficiency and safety upgrades we offer qualify for government rebate programs. Our staff will walk you through the application process to ensure you receive the maximum rebate for your upgrades.

Contact Us for a Complimentary Loading Dock Safety Evaluation

Star Equipment offers no-charge loading dock safety evaluations, loading dock design assistance, product demonstrations, and more. Contact us today to learn more about these and other complementary services we provide.