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Swinging cold storage door

Swinging ColdGuard Door

Sliding cold storage door

Sliding ColdGuard Door

ColdGuard cold storage doors are specially designed to maintain required temperatures in your facility's freezer, walk-in cooler, or similar refrigerated space. Whether your temperature controlled space opens directly to your loading dock or into an ambient temperature environment elsewhere in the building, our cold storage doors are the perfect solution.

ColdGuard's cold storage doors use the latest technology and materials to preserve low temperatures. Their innovative designs produce strong, durable doors that will provide years of reliable service. ColdGuard doors close securely and stay closed to keep your cold storage cold.

In addition to maintaining the temperatures inside your freezer, ColdGuard doors also prevent cold "leakage" to keep the rest of your facility at the desired temperature. This improves staff comfort and helps eliminate condensation on floors and other areas where it could present a safety hazard. 

We sell, install, and service ColdGuard cold storage doors in three styles—swinging doors, sliding doors (single or bi-parting), and vertical lift doors for refrigerated docks. These cold storage doors are customizable to ensure a perfect fit.

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